We are two girls that are trying to make lemonade out of the Coronavirus lemon. Our summer internships were cancelled and we needed a new plan. We decided to spend the summer in one of our favorite places in the world - Priest Lake. We also wanted to make the summer a little more fun for ourselves and everyone else.
What's more fun that vintage candy sold from a 1962 retro trailer. So we decided to start Atomic Puppy!!!


A Manifesto of Sorts

Coronavirus sucks! It has put 2020 on hold for many of us. More importantly, it has taken some of the innocence out of kids childhoods. So what happens when life does something so unfair? So uncontrollable?

You overreact with candy. Fun Candy! Its time to take summer back and your simple act of pandemic disobedience is Atomic Puppy!

Salt Water Taffy
and Being American

Stop whining about COVID and how much you hate living like this. They will figure out a vaccine and college football eventually. Until then, start acting like a Patriot of this great country and get some old fashioned salt water taffy and head out to the lake!

Lets make the Summer
      Fun this year

Your kids have been taking elementary school classes online. Their baseball and softball seasons have been cancelled. They havent had a sleepover in months. You are sick of all this as well. Coming to Priest Lake should be fun.

Atomic Puppy makes the lake a little more fun for everyone.

The Girls
Director of Chaos
Chief Dog Officer & Snack Whisperer
Lets face it. I am in charge.
History Timeline
May 2020
We are a real business!

We filed paperwork in the State of Washington to form Atomic Puppy LLC. We also got our EIN number froim the Federal Government.

March 2020
Coronavirus Hits

The pandemic hits the United States and things start to come unglued. Corlyn discovers that whipped coffee stuff. Kate holes up in Bellingham as long as possible.

March 2020
College Comes Home

Despite the best efforts to cling to college life, the girls come home to Seattle. Truly and White Claw empties litter the recycling bin. The girls hunker down and break out their favorite sweats.

April 2020
Summer Plans Change

A trip to Ireland is cancelled. Kate has an internship in Washington D.C. and Corlyn has an internship at the University of Washington. Both of those internships get cancelled.

April 2020
We Start Atomic Puppy

We buy a 1962 Aristocrat Travel Trailer that is in need of significant repair. IWe start the remodel in Cle Elum. We discover just how much we hate old nasty insulation.