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June 2, 2020

So things are getting very real for Atomic Puppy!!   We have an incredible location for the summer at the Korner club. Our first batch of candy and toy orders have arrived. The candy bags arrive today!! T-Shirts should show up early next week.

After a lot of discussion with the parents, we are going to open on-line ordering late this week for T-Shirts. This will be like a pre-order for a couple days as we wont have the T-shirts in yet. But it will give us a couple days to get labels and stuff printed. So we are doing that. We will have an announcement of that soon.

Finally, we are wrapping up the final construction/renovation of Trixie over the next two weeks. We will be finishing final interior painting, counterops and flooring this weekend. So a big weekend of work. Next week we will finish the exterior and signage. Transport to Priest Lake sometime around the 17th of June.

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Notes on our Candy
As you can imagine, we debated what type of candy we should have at Atomic Puppy. We did want to let everyone know that we decided that we would sell high quality candy at Atomic Puppy. We could have gone with cheaper options, but we decided that that would take away from the overall experience we were trying to have. So our candy is not the cheapest, but is not the most expensive. Trying to hit the middle ground.
June 18, 2020
T Shirts Are On-Line!!!
OK Everyone! The T-Shirts are in and online ordering is now live on the website
June 9, 2020