T Shirts Are On-Line!!!

OK Everyone! The T-Shirts are in and online ordering is now live on the website

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June 9, 2020

OK Everyone! The T-Shirts are in and online ordering is now live on the website. We have 4 different T-Shirts:

The Sundance - This is our puppy logo and is iconic as Sundance mountain

The Kalispell - This is the logo of Trixie our trailer, the heart and soul of Atomic Puppy.

The Northern Lights - With a retro UFO logo, this is the shirt for star gazing at Priest Lake.

The Indian Rock - Indian Rock is a symbol of the vibrant energy of Priest Lake, this logo is a dynamo as well.

All Shirts come in two colors - Coral Silk (a slightly darker retro pink) and Sky Blue (a 1960 pastel light blue)

All shirts come in Youth Small, Youth Medium, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large and XL.

The shirts are slightly fitted. If in question opt for the larger size. Well that would be our suggestion.

We will be filling the orders as they come in. As we are college students and in finals, this will be a welcome break but also may take us a day extra to get in the mail.

As you can see in the photo - The adult shirts have a 3.5# breast logo and the youth shirts have a 6" full chest logo.


We are college girls who are reacting to a very unexpected summer situation.  So we have ordered a select number of shirts and when we run out, we may not be able to re-order more. So ordering these online early might be the best option for getting yourself THE COOLEST shirt on the lake this season.

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